Job Shop Manufacturing
This manufacturing software is what will take your business to the next level. It contains all the needed features for a successfully run Manufacturing Company. It has great features such as Advanced Inventory, Advanced Production, Quote Entry Screens and many more to keep your business running smoothly. Take a look below at some of the features that come with our Job Shop Manufacturing for SAP Business One.
The Manufacturing Extensions provided by Abbasoft Technologies include:
  1. Advanced Inventory
  2. Advanced Production
  3. Advanced Sales
  4. RMA
  5. Workflow (used both for Sales Order Tracking & Production Order Routers)
  6. Enhancements to the MRP process which includes document linking (Sales Orders, Production Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.)
Advanced Inventory
Advanced Production

    Quotes can be quickly copied to a Sales Order. When coping to a Sales Order, users can select which rows to convert, change quantities and insert additional rows.

      Sales Orders can be quickly copied to a Delivery for product shipment. When copying to a Delivery, users can select which rows to convert and what quantities to ship.

      Sales Orders can also be copied directly to an A/R invoice.

      From a Delivery, users can quickly convert to an A/R Invoice.

        Once an Order Type has been assigned to a Sales Order, users can track the progress of the order with our Location Inquiry from within the Sales Order.

        The MRP process links the Production Order to the Sales Order.

        Once a Production Order has been completed, user can click on the Summary Tab to look at costing information including any variances.

        The Launch report has several selection criteria options including an option to select all production orders with a user specified percentage of completion. Meaning to select all Production Orders in which we have 100% (as an example) of the raw materials required to manufacture the product.

        Once the Production Order list has been generated, the user can select which Production Orders to release and print. When printing the Production Orders, the user has an option to print the Bill of Materials, Production Instructions (Router) or both. The system can also print any attachments (Excel, PDF, etc.) that is linked to the product

        The report also has the option to export the list to Excel.

          Each Sequence is bar-coded to allow for Production Order movement and the recording of set-up and run times with hand held scanners.

          The Work Order Shortage Report gives a listing of what raw materials, or sub-components, that still needs to be issued to in process or open Production Orders. The report also lists the first scheduled receipt of the component via either a Purchase Order or a Production Order.