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The e-commerce industry is constantly on the rise and each year we see profits increase by an average of 14%. Business owners must act quickly to leverage emerging opportunities. Find success with custom e-commerce software that provides the customer-oriented solution you need to meet your business goals and objectives.

Increased Profit

Retail is a $300 billion industry and it's only expected to grow. In fact – online sales are expected to hit $414 billion by 2018. Act quickly to stay ahead of the trends.

Well-Designed Business Toolset

Adopt a holistic approach to business - construct an omni-channel retail platform to integrate online and in-store sales data.

Improved Selling Strategy

Enhance your online business with cutting-edge technologies in order to enhance your customer’s workflow.

Our Focus is our clients.

We deliver A-level solutions to our clients in e-commerce for different industries. Schedule a demo with an Abbasoft Technologies expert to discuss your business situation and desired horizons

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Our Own Or Integrated

We offer our own Webpartner E-Commerce solution built from the ground up for integration with SAP Business one, but we also have massive experience in building complex and reliable custom e-commerce solutions and highly-scalable B2C/B2B e-commerce portals based on top-rated both commercial and open source platforms. Whether our customers want to redesign or refactor the existing e-commerce solution or build a brand new one, we are here to support and tailor the highly-functional, interactive, and secure software to meet the requirements of the modern e-commerce world.


Your e-commerce website is your electronic shop. To make the most of it, you want it to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But you also want people to use it, and the key to that is to give people a sense of security. We at Abbasoft Technologies understand that, so we use a secure technologies layered approach in order to render your E-Commerce site secure and up to today's standards.